Jane vs. Bill

by nicjondon

Bill Nye, the engineer guy, paid a visit to Monsantan’s home base and in an interview shortly thereafter he said this… “I went to Monsanto and I spent a lot of time with the scientists there and I have revised my outlook and I’m very excited about telling the world. When you’re in love you want to tell the world,” um… so, yeah, not even Monsatan shills say the L word about that  death plant. Methinks he was replaced they probably had a replacement already manufactured. naturally, means that Bill has been replaced or paid off handsomely seeing that he doesn’t actually have to eat the shit. Just has to promote it.

Coincidentally, prior to finding out about the above,  I discovered that Jane Goodall, an actual scientist, has written the the forward for a book which calls out the death dealing firms on their fraudulent antics and then some. Of course Goodall being a straight shooter doesn’t mince words and labels gmo supporters as delusional and anti-science (today’s modern “skeptics” = pseudoscience adherents).


i can’t believe this is from 1999…