Censored Marriage

by nicjondon

The fact that same-sex marriage occurred millennia ago won’t ever be broached by any talking heads; ever. Simply because it nullifies any debate. Period. The evolution of marriage is interesting in that it’s always been something sanctioned via the State as a business contract which includes familial alliances and other power brokering nonsense. Those who proudly label themselves under the Christian Right – a misnomer to begin with – are those who voluntary cease thinking simply because they have all the answers. All of which were cherry picked from a most precious resource: a book of fantasy and allegory drenched in fallacies written, exclusively, by pedo rabbis and popes millennia ago called The Bible.  So a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon some pro-life site which invariably lead me to an article on the site about how gay marriage will destroy an already crumbling US of A and I commented and it was promptly censored. But for the life of me I can’t fathom why.  Original comment is below.


Which reminded me of this great question posed directly to them – them being those who mistakenly believe they are right about everything because G minus d wrote a book telling them were. To date not one of them has answered the question posed in the below image. I guess that means no. It’s not like they actually value life outside the womb you see. It’s only value is while it’s unborn.


It’s a simple enough question. But it must illicit all sorts of new things called thought into those who aren’t used to it.