Hats & Pesticides

by nicjondon

Apparently, as I was recently told, I am officially a tin foil hat wearing conspiracist – whoopeety – do; nothing like 80’s cliches to validate an already obvious statement. Alas, at least I am not one of them – the (new) “skeptics”, believers, mindless, etc. So, I know it’s been a year since the Nobel Peace Prize lost all of it’s already scant value by awarding Monsanto gene splicers with a prize for reducing global hunger (um, lol?)... lying fucking cunts.  This article about pesticide myths is spot on and needs a share ~

To tantalize the rational here’s a brilliant quote: “If we were serious about feeding people we wouldn’t grow enough extra grains to feed 1/3 of the world’s hungry and then pour them into gas tanks.

MrSanto                                                             PS. truthertoys.com is no more, frowny face.