by nicjondon

In 1865 Freemason Albert Pike gifted the USA with the KKK – how not shocking…. a racist Zionist. Interestingly – 1865 beget many things while paving the way for the Great Work – here’s a sampling: creation of the KKK, end of the Civil War, execution of Lincoln. Followed-up by the 1886 Supreme Court case Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railway which solidified corporate personhood. Before oral arguments for the case even started the chief justice declared, that corporations were citizens under the Fourteenth Amendment, and that the court would not take up the question of whether they were guaranteed equal rights in its deliberations. All culminating in 1896 with the publication of The Jewish State by Theodor Herzl who states, “Great exertions will hardly be necessary to spur on the movement. Anti-Semites provide the requisite impetus. They need only do what they did before, and then they will create a desire to emigrate where it did not previously exist, and strengthen it where it existed before. Jews who now remain in Anti-Semitic countries do so chiefly because even those among them who are most ignorant of history know that numerous changes of residence in bygone centuries never brought them any permanent good.”

Basically…. WAKE THE FUCK UP.