no death = no life

by nicjondon

these two are so interseptal that neither world exists without the other – think about what you eat to live. all that we eat is or was alive for it to have been worthy of consumption and transubstantiation into our flesh and bone. it may not of danced or spoke or created MAD but that apple was very much alive and it’s fall into our abyss allowed us to fall into it’s abyss.

anything alive is more often than not, eventually, pulled from a mothers grasp only to be thrown into the furrows of life because of this our consumption should be held in higher reverence then mcdonald’s (i love big-macs – frowny face).

there is no great secret to this and it is not complicated: for you and i to exist an other must die. there is a limit to this acceptable death and humanity passed that limit several thousand years ago  –  we barely respect one another’s lives and so no one should be surprised or shocked at what unfolds before us.