Numb Communication

by nicjondon

Letters and numbers formed by the vibrational intonements of thought or vocalization produce the same frequency which only varies by  amplification – this alone is trance inducing.  So when they are graphically displayed from outside the head we create a silent mirror to the intonements – how silent the reflection varies only with intentions. All communication arises from them and so they permeate all environs which results in a hypnosis.This sort of state is what many call life but we often have to lie to ourselves being that much of this so called life is based on lies which are merely various forms of these items used in communication for sway or control or comfort. Finally after so many millenia filled with lies stemming from systemic elite control it’s no wonder  we are in the current situation. It was all these compounded lies filling the void as layer upon layer try to hide the nature and abundance of fractalized sigils. And all this is to benefit you and I in life.