The Right Channel?

by nicjondon

As far as the Bible goes God is rather chatty – do this, do that, don’t do that, etc. However – I don’t believe that God/intelligent infinity/creation or, my beloved preference, the Pleroma talks to anyone. No one. There are, of course, many otherworldly entities who will dazzle, encourage, enlighten and deceive any of us that are open up to such enhancements – those being open are channels. This happens more often than most realize and the volume of completed channel work is immense which raises several questions. Is their channel tuned to something other? Or are they delusional psychotics? Scam artists? And if they are tuned into something other – is that other going to trick us or advise us? Of course there are many other questions but let’s K.I.S.S. The “good” book is 50% or more derived from channels, various human histories and deceit about a variety of things that occurred very long ago. Mohammed channeled his information – explicitly.  The diehard Abrahamist who happens to also be ill-informed may likely state something about divine something or rather and then pull a quote from their trusty texts – which would most likely be channeled information anyways. I find delusional beliefs to be one of the most amusing characteristics we people have but that’s only because it takes so little to not be. Delusional.



One of the main entities people can easily commune with is their higher self – the self that remains above while the rest is incarnated here or there or everywhere. Generally you can contact your higher self simply through meditation, prayer or whatever works best for you – this also applies to your guide. Anything outside of those two entities is what I would consider suspect – not that I call either often but guidance isn’t often needed since I generally drift through existence. It’s asinine not to. By drift I mean minimally attached to materialistic goods. While sifting through the millions of channeled messages one finds a theme – civilizations end. As well as contradictory information – not surprising seeing that most of these entities were also involved in the very contradictory bible. By the way, aliens/angels/demons same difference – because we are all supernatural. If the messages are full of isms or supports the IRS or reminisces about Reaganomics– it would be best to find a new source.  Also messages which perpetuate the lie of saviors or messiahs can be immediately discounted –  people have suffered enough under that great deceit. For instance anything from Alice Bailey who channeled  “the Tibetan” or Djwhal Khul and wrote and practiced many things which corrupted Theosophy,  such as embellishing the 2nd coming and enacting a Trust so that her now dead body may still profit from the Tibetan’s messages. Basically the  Theosophy Library houses all essential documents of Theosophy by Bladophsky, and others. However Bailey’s books by the Tibetan are absent of the public domain and under the  Lucis Trust (used to be the Lucifer Trust). Curiouser still is the influence the Lucis trust holds over the UN via it’s World Goodwill program promoting the “Reappearance of Christ” via a “Great Invocation“. There is a big conspiracy about Bailey somewhere out there – I mean, Lucifer, Jesus, Channeling and the UN – how could there not be. Found one! The Lucis Trust – Satanism and The New World Order

There are all sorts of tricks to be played on people and one of the main fears in Christianity is be wary of some great deceit for instance most US Presidents were all antichrists while in office. Perhaps the greatest trick played on the Abrahamics is the denial of reincarnation – because combined with that save me belief it creates a revolving door of souls. Basically they make the perfect ethereal product – which seems to be part of a larger plan. I have been intrigued by reincarnation since childhood as I wasn’t a very good Catholic didn’t really buy into most of it. Because I have eyes and a brain and the Holy See et al does not jive with Jesus’ teachings – even the written which the popes and kings corrupted. I have since discovered that he did discuss reincarnation  – not surprising since he likely headed to the Himalayas to attain that Christ status. However my belief in reincarnation became solidified after reading  Michael Newton‘s Journey of Souls which is phenomenal. One of my axioms is that there is no life without death as both are just two sides to the same soul.  I also recently figured that birth is forgetting while death is remembering – we forget because we are here to learn and advance ourselves which sadly… has been co-opted by nefarious entities who are not channeled, but more them later.

On to the point of this entire post now. (haha)

Tibetan Endless Knot
Endless Knot

Michael Newton wrote a follow-up book, Destiny of Souls and it was just as good as the first. Though a curious correlation occurred a few months ago while reading about a case study who, while regressed, advised that this was their first incarnation to Earth and that they hated it. Too dense. They were from a planet called Kryon – where life was more etherial. So, why is this curious? Because Lee Carroll channels an entity named Kryon, uncommon name, so I figured Kryon to be similar to Ra who is a planetary grouping whose answer to the below FAQ explains further.

When I am communicating with you as Ra, are you at times individualized as an entity or am I speaking to an entire social memory complex?

You speak with Ra. There is no separation. You would call it a social memory complex thus indicating many-ness.  To our understanding, you are speaking to an individualized portion of consciousness. [Note: In other words, Ra represents an entire planet’s worth of beings who have all fused into one unified consciousness. Each density in the Octave moves closer and closer to the fully unified One Mind of the Creation, the structures and abilities of mind becoming increasingly difficult for the human entity to fathom.]

Ra is channeled by Carla Rueckert with assistance by Don Elkins and has been assisting us for 75,000 years and also compiled the a book series entitled The Law of One. Pretty fascinating considering that Ra was also an Egyptian god.  This is where it gets fuzzy and it’s best to take things lightly – though personally Ra is more interesting and cohesive, I believe. Though Kryon continuously states he is an individual he talks as like a group entity and mysteriously there’s no historical mention of him – most entities are chronic repeaters – they love communicating or some New Agers are desperate for attention. Here are some FAQ answers from Kryon.

Dear Kryon: What is the meaning or significance of your name, Kryon?

Dear one: This is difficult to explain. It’s a sound within your energy, and it has messages in it. The sound is similar within all Human hearing, so it has meaning to the cellular structure of all. It’s not really my name, either, but only the one which is applicable to your 4D. We have also indicated that it has a family connected to it, who also have similarities within the sound. The meaning? It’s a name of an earth support group who is about physics, yet also has a hidden sound/meaning that is connected to the actual purpose of the group. It’s a love group. So within the name there is communication of what it does, but with some 4D dichotomies

Dear Kryon: In your “What’s happening” channel (on the Kryon Website), you say that each and every one of us has a group, or is a group. What can we do in order to integrate this group more into our daily lives?

Answer: First, let’s clarify that this “group” is you. You don’t have a group. You are a group. But you’re correct in questioning how to integrate it. The process is one of integrating the 4D you with the interdimensional you. It’s worth the work, and it’s the thrust of all our channelling for the last full year. The short answer? Each day: (1) Celebrate your life no matter what. (2) Talk to your cells every day! Tell them out loud what your plans are for your health and aging process. (3) Never utter any words about yourself unless you want the army of cells called “your body” to act on them. If you say in frustration, “This always happens to me!” Then about a trillion or so cells will get the message. Can you see them? They all have a meeting and say, “The boss says that he wants these things to happen all the time, so let’s get busy and make them happen again!” In other words, your powerful energy manifests reality based on what you say and think. (4) Listen to Spirit. Don’t do all the talking! Believe it or not, God actually knows what you’re going through and what you need. (5) Visualize taking the hand of your higher self, and not letting go throughout the day.

Dear Kryon: My questions are: (1) Did you have a childhood? (2) Did you have a learning curve for the knowledge you have? (3) Did you go through a maturing process as we do on this dimension? Are you evolving and learning, also?

Answer: No, no, and no. Let me describe something impossible to describe. My attributes are identical to yours. When you’re not on planet Earth, you’re a part of what you call God. There was no beginning. There is no past or future; therefore, the essence of us is timeless and fresh at the same time. The lessons you learn now are a process for a purpose that’s not “angel education.” It’s for your 4D universe in your 4D time line. The stripes of color you carry as an angelic being are like awards for service, and you have thousands of them. They’re about honor and expression, not learning. We all have the same information, and we’ve always had it. It’s complete, and it’s about everything that is. We’re filled with the wisdom of the whole, and all the experiences of the whole. If one entity has a new awareness, we all have it. Believe it or not, you are part of this! Don’t you remember? (A Kryon joke) Of course you don’t. The duality you’ve accepted for your task on Earth hides this from you completely.

Alas, as you can see, my hopes of proof are maybe dashed…? The whole nonduality thing gets… confounding when talking about group souls and such while wallowing in duality. I really wanted Kryon to be a planetary group ala Ra. Mostly, well, only because of that curious correlation from Newton’s book.  Though who knows, he very well could be fucking with people, as a super trixster. He is something of anomaly, that’s for sure and has spoken/performed at the UN several times.  It’s both funny and not very funny that the UN has a thing for the New Age movement. At least it’s not a thing for atheism… Yet.