Unoriginal Thoughts

by nicjondon

Fact: original ideas no longer exist take this entire blog for instance.  Do I dare say there never has been one, aside from the first thought which originated and creates this so-called reality. Take the film industry for instance – nothing but million dollar shitty remakes – thanks, but no (ok, sometimes).  I would rather give my $13 ticket money to the homeless crackhead down the street (only matinees). It is  blatantly obvious for an “original”concept to catch the public consciousness/domain/market is pure chance or who you know. NOTHING MORE. NOTHING LESS. Chance is fine but, “who you know” more often than not arrises from nepotism. That which is a like virus the world over  – and a most foul practice – aside from Abrahams three cult gifts to the world.

All nefarious organizations are nothing more than examples of nepotism: Rothschild banking empire, Club of Rome, Holy See, Washington D.C., City of London, etc, etc, ad nauseam.  Regardless if people believe these organizations exist is entirely irrelevant – I suppose the good thing about pyramid schemes is that they really are the epitome of trickle down economics only the trickling seems to cease at around the top 90%. For the life of me I will never understand how people got duped into the whole communism/capitalism dichotomy. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that China and USA are not terribly dissimilar and if the economy weren’t on the precipice of collapse we would in a few years be exactly like China, save for the atheist bit.

Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today

   ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Repeatedly and without fail sociopaths rise to power with an incessant drive  to control and accumulate vast quantities of nothing.  The nothing of material gain is then used to illustrate as the spoils of success. Warranted or not they rule our lives and bend laws to their whim – who else but a sociopath would fight to grant a corporation the same constitutional legal standing as a person. How? Some things were done out in the open while much has occurred behind closed doors , not shocking.  All occurred/ing because of our own apathy and lazy idiots who want to be spoon fed the same thousand-year old vomit just wrapped up prettier than before. The notion of copyright is so bourgeois in that “I am better than you” or “I found it first! It’s mine!”and so we play along as if they are sensible concepts and not what toddlers scream in fits of  infantile tantrums providing nothing.  Disney for instance – they continuously have copyright laws rewritten so they can hang on to that infernal cash cow of a mouse. Grow the fuck up. Or Coke with only two people knowing the stupid secret and neither can fly on the same plane. Paranoia over corn-syrup? Sounds logical. When people continuously make things go their way it results in an out of balance system which doesn’t jive in a universe of perfect balance. Anyone who actually believes that government and religion can successfully be separated is likely an atheist seeing as they don’t understand that atheism is, indeed, a religion – historically a state mandated one. Humans are not capable of separating their religion/beliefs from everyday thoughts let alone actions. So what makes people so convinced that politicians would excel at such a feat?

The entire system of privacy is oh so very tit for tat particularly between the tech giants. Take Apple and Adobe’s little tiff which resulted in no Flash Player in Apple products for quite some time. Or another instance where Nokia won a copyright suite where Apple now pays Nokia a percentage for every iPhone sold. I am an ardent fan of open source systems and believe Richard Stallman the genius behind GNU a Unix like OS operating on the Linux Kernel and the Free Software Foundation. Free software will promote/influence a free society an example could be the Android ROM which includes several Google apps which I find to be useless – but they can not be deleted. At all – the average user has no opportunity to personalize their own device.  I will root the device so that I may personalize the ROM and remove all bloatware. Rooting a device comes with a slight risk of it being bricked (killed)  which may prevent average users from any personalization options. Leaving many with a  Google, Apple, Windows, Nokia, et al  standardized device. This small aspect of personal choice being limited to almost nil within consumerism seems negligible however – the less options users have for their products the more it becomes apparent that thinking is not an option for some and mildly hampered for others. The reduction of thought is quite possibly the gravest spell one could fall under – particularly during this critical period.

This Google Ngram Viewer image is one Stallman reference’s showing the dramatic increase in the term “intellectual property”. This includes the intrusive Digital Rights Management. In a nut shell the whole NSA spying thing is a drop in the bucket considering how much Microsoft and Apple users have 0 privacy aside from the NSA.

The most amusing part to this is that people still believe they have rights and that they are an original person, a one of a kind.  As much as we like to think of ourselves  in that light it only illuminates our maturity level – for we (everyone) are indeed more alike than different.  Our bases is made up of the same: chemicals, elements, composition, structures  etc. The cherished individual we falsely perceive as ourselves is most definitely common as they are constructed of the same four aspects  in varying amounts – none the less, still the same for all: fire, water, air, earth.

There is nary a difference between corporations and religions – both have something to sell right? Although religion just begs since their original products have long since expired. Proof? A variety of corporations employ chief evangelists to proselytize their hot off the shelf wares that became dated the moment they were manufactured.  Alternately just listen to any fanatic from one of the three Abrahamic cults. Their followers are so deceived by the lies (Bible, Koran, Torah, Talmud) that actual truth is feared and demonized as the deceit they all fear. YHWH or G-d is a sub-sub-sub logos who, like his idiot creation, us, is addicted to warrantless adoration and fame – basic greed 101. This is why all three Abrahamics preach about love as if they know it and yet they can’t even practice it.  Because much like the divine truth it’s foreign to them. Clearly they know hate since all three find themselves as betters to the others, whom they loathe, and curse to hell even though they worship and drool over the same snake cocked deity. But alas what other results could one expect from the quivering followers of a megalomaniac archon who believes itself to be the true creator.  Other than genocide though I wouldn’t be surprised if that rose its ugly head sometime in the next few years.  The return to balance is palpable and  it seems that some corrections have started and so we have front row seats to the greatest show on earth, at least the avatars present allude to this, so enjoy.

I am fully aware that not all followers YHWH are of the ilk of which I spoke previously –  but the majority truly are and aligning with them is still complicit. Since the organization/religion itself is corrupt all material products from corporations are soulless – sadly –  the Abrahamics treat their flock as exactly as product to be molded via the same deceit which resulted in the corruption in the first place. The denial and blocking of the true nature of souls combined with the false doctrine of a messiah or savior creates ambivalent and lazy souls just waiting to be whisked away. For why should they work on themselves if there are 0 repercussions – this ensures  revolving door of easily manipulated flocks.  Sadly many do not know death and life are one in the same – the extremes of the duality. One cannot exist without the other – therefore you could not exist. Consider Buddha who didn’t preach or even discuss G-d because this realm of gross matter is specific for us and our work.  The work is to grow spiritually so that we may stop incarnating and return to the paradise of source.

Seeing the duality is understanding. Seeing past the duality is knowing.

You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.