GM…O No.

by nicjondon

Some sources to provide insight into the chemical scourge which is apparently in the midst of dominating our internal and external environments. These sites deal specifically with Glyphosate aka RoundUp which is the product that inspired Monsanto to genetically modify Soy and Corn to be highly resistant to what amounts to Agent Orange 2.  I can only imagine the terrors coming from Dow and that other toxic corp. I forget the name at the moment.  These quotes are only concerned with the gut – which is my concern because the gut is essentially our immune system. Eating organic is truly the only way to stay away from the toxic abortion which multinationals lovingly call food.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that gut bacteria play many essential roles in the body. Researchers now speak of the gut “microbiome” an amazingly diverse set of genes representing all the different microbes, predominantly bacteria and yeast, which hang out in the gut. It’s rather sobering to know that they outnumber our own cells by a factor of ten, and their collective genetic complexity is at least an order of magnitude higher than our own genetic complexity. We depend upon their well-being in order to be well ourselves. When you eat glyphosate-laden foods, you’re poisoning them every day, and you will pay a huge price for this in terms of not only your gut health but also your general health, because pathogens will be able to get past a leaky gut barrier and cause a systemic problem.

~ Frompovich

Evidence of glyphosate’s disruption of gut bacteria is found in cattle and poultry. Over the last ten to fifteen years, Clostridium botulinum infection has increased in German cattle. Glyphosate is toxic to Enterococcus, a friendly bacterium. This leads to a gut imbalance that favors overgrowth of Clostridium.

Research documents that glyphosate reduces beneficial bacteria and increases pathological bacteria in the gut. Particularly pathogenic strains of drug-resistant Salmonella and Clostridiumwere found, while beneficial EnterococcusBacillus, and Lactobacillus are susceptible to glyphosate. The result is overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria at the expense of beneficial bacteria.

~ Stevenson