Zero-Sum Game

by nicjondon

I posted prior about the eugenics being practiced by Monsanto – little did I know that all three chemical giants want to fuck with food – I fear it’s akin to transhumanism – synthetic food for synthetic people. Interestingly DuPont was the big anti-hemp lobbyist who successfully illegalized the harmless hemp/mary-j – they also demonized it so that it’s listed as a Schedule 1 while Oxycontin and meth are Schedule 2. Like that isn’t fucking obvious. Dear freaks in power – reconsider your plays. It’s blatant (to me anyway) – to what I feared above – and it’s drum beats on making products derived from nature and discounting nature for materialism which is filling that void most can’t seem to find. For instance this underground group created a breakthrough biosensor device – I wouldn’t consider myself underground after being blasted globally, however. But that’s just details. Scary thought is how fast to obsolete our technology becomes, usually within a year, then consider it in your body. Being shitty. Like your cell phone now. Interestingly it seems like the newer generations are pro-processor chip in the brain pan. So nature provides materials intrinsic to manufacture the technology we so covet/worship – how, ironic then, a cyber concept desires to transcend that which it is intrinsically a part of.  It’s akin to those horrid closed loops that atheists get on – denying something doesn’t make it or make it not exist. Or non-belief in something. Whatever it is that an atheist may choose to not believe in while living in what they deny/not believe.  Transhumanists don’t seem to realize that once a computer is smart enough it would likely advise against their eternal dreams via cybernetics. Solely because their desire is for eternal consciousness and as a spiritual being that desire is redundant and therefore silly – as I think the computer would say. This is all separate from the one glaring issue – RFID – I didn’t think people were into those. Very NWO. Either people hate their own bodies so much as to attempt a cyber escape or they are not at all aware of what’s really going on.

“The worse things get, the more scientists meet together internationally in the interest (supposedly) of progress. But, as Tommy Gold points out, perpetually meeting together locks people’s beliefs together into a fixed pattern, and, if the pattern is not yielding progress, the situation soon becomes moribund. These considerations provide ample motivation for attempts to preserve the status quo in cosmology: religion, the reputations of the aging, and money. Always in such situations in the past, however, the crack has eventually come. The Universe eventually has its way over the prejudices of men, and I optimistically predict it will be so again.”

Sir Fred Hoyle

Even if you think you’re underground – Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow will get you. They have been banking on it. Literally. The pharmaceutical eugenics – I am struggling with a word for this – but basically knowingly making people sick via chemical laden food and then providing “help” via the medical/pharmaceutical industry they keep you stable. Stringing you along while robbing you blind and ensuring ignorance to the loop of which we are in. ESPECIALLY with them and our FOOD. At this point I am more convinced than ever that cancer is generally dietary –  caused by excessive sugar, corn syrup and such.  Those sweets already do such wonderful things to the body – why exclude one of the worst. One friend of my mine talks about Apple and how he doesn’t want to think and how it’s the way of future and then mentions how people who don’t get a flu shot are paranoid… What it is with people who gladly accept authority and it’s whims as if your best interest is always the point. Our entire society is modeled after a pyramid scheme so grunts in the workforce, CEO’s often included, aren’t made aware of what’s really going on. There are really only a limited few who know the end-game and those limited few are not directly employed by any companies. They are board members or on think tanks and such. They are the oligarchy – they tell others what to do and it gets filtered and disseminated down via the CEOs, Presidents, Priests, Professors, etc.


Now – as far as grunts in the chemical companies who knows. Particularly Monsanto their history is like a chemical warfare testing rooster and the mere fact that they are still open speaks volumes on the sort of shit going on. They just won a Nobel prize for feeding the hungry or some bullshit. LMAO. It seems Nobel is as blinded as any other materialist. Love those fiat dollars. Or something – seeing as how RoundUp Ready seeds have been around since the nineties and there are still at the least a billion starving and malnourished people in the world. I often think it’s the absent-minded professor bit – but no. It’s really not. It’s just how much people don’t even care about themselves let alone one another to actually believe that Monsanto is doing, has done, or ever will do good for the planet and it’s inhabitants.  So to me the chemical companies, medical industry, pharmaceutical companies are rife with scientists who think they are doing good. Where in the reality is quite the opposite which brings me to the main gripe: scientists.

Tripartite – mind, body, spirit –  is what humans are but this triple threat is also inherent to this creation – this 4D hologram which is only one aspect of a greater reality. I believe time is a dimension separate from space – seeing that space is nothing and time is a manmade system of measurements. Real time is cyclical in nature – it is illustrated via repeatable phenomena i.e. the summer equinox, the full moon. These items repeat –  forever like universal breaths. Consider that from the void/infinity stems a thought of desire in the one mind and that desire splits into two male(+) and female(-). Which is as creation creates its divine reality. The void which is nothing but infinity creates our eternal mystery of the one mind which splits into the duality providing us with the eternal paradox – the trinity.   Everything is indeed nothing – it is also infinite and immeasurable and unfathomable – three things modern scientists and consumers hate to contemplate because they, well, just plumb can’t. Not dumb or nothing – just don’t have the facilities or desire to stretch their own infinite thought, albeit this is an unknown facet to them – the mind and its infinite possibilities. To them it’s nothing more than another aspect of this cumbersome body. The handicap here being denial of their own being.  Often so consumed on building up what is perceived/felt as missing with materialism: fast cars, big houses,  bad theories, fame et al. It should be painfully clear by now that the two massively expensive particle accelerators have only produced ho-hum results and nary any proofs. And this cost vs “answers” ratio is not good. Denial and myopia generally don’t play well with logic since it can easily falsify erroneous dogmas so eventually something will give. Most likely the truth.  

“Ask yourself ‘What is time?’ and whatever you try to say about clocks or the rotation of body Earth you will end up with no answer. Note that I am not asking how time is measured e.g. ‘What is a minute?’ That you can answer. No, I am asking you to tell me what, in physics, determines the onward flow of what we call time, meaning the universal rhythm of that something inherent in us all that gives us the feeling that time is passing.”

Harold Aspden

They say on Jupiter it rains diamonds. Well, diamonds result from pressure – not gravity. Also consider here on Earth that our precious and random, yet so critical to life (magical?), ozone is heavier than the air we breath – yet it continues to float above us instead of being pulled into the air we breath. Hell this goes for all layers of the atmosphere – they would dissipate and disperse if it weren’t for the positive & negative molecular charges. Modern relativists view gravity as a pulling force central to most, if not all, their popular theories.  Even though it’s very weak and surprisingly lacking throughout the known universe.  It’s fascinating what peer pressure can accomplish as relativists myopia is so pervasive that only a few question it and most just blindly follow it.  This begs the question why even go into science if all you’re going to do is play copy machine? Doesn’t seem fulfilling.  Unfulfilled souls are easy to spot via the rampant materialism the world over.  Much of what is thought of as gravity is simply pressure – it is a push via compression and expansion (life & death). Here’s an undeniable axiom: There is no life without death.  In fact I will say they are one in the same with two realities – one being this 4D. Nothing in nature pulls – too much effort and wasted energy – therefore illogical.  Why tire and stress by pulling when a perfectly opposite action will accomplish things efficiently and subtly. I suppose if you buy into the universe as just some miraculous random turd then by all means – continue thinking that gravity is a dominate yet very weak force –  found practically nowhere.  The electrical and vortex nature of planetary occurrences mirrored in the solar system and then the cosmos effortlessly disprove much of the relativists dogmas and echo: As above. So below.  So simple it can’t be anything but truth. 

As far as GPS space is not a complete vacuum. This we know because of all the particles exploding away from the sun and filling our heliosphere along with whatever else is out there.  Seeing that GPS is only concerned with a delay in time which could be a drag from friction or something similar. The math used only accounts for something with that effect of delayed time and the forces of gravity which most likely are other things. The only thing math proves is that the delay and forces occur and not what they are. Math doesn’t say this gravity or this is pressure.

“The most conspicuously obvious thing about all cause and effect in this universe is Balance. The second law of thermodynamic reeks with unbalance. It has no place whatsoever in Nature. Every effect in Nature is based upon the wave and the wave is absolute in its balance. There is nothing in Nature outside of the wave; therefore, there can be no unbalanced thing in Nature.

The entire universe of motion is expressed by positive and negative electric opposites, which thrust away from each other in just the reverse manner from that which the Coulomb Law sets forth. Positive electricity charges through gravitation. The falling rain charges and heats the earth. Negative electricity discharges through radiation. The rising vapors discharge and cool the earth. Both expressions are equal and opposite. Expansion cannot exceed contraction. Each is actually the cause of the other. They spring from each other and their continuity constitutes a cycle, which could be recorded thus: heat radiates, radiation expands, expansion cools, cold generates, generation contracts, and contraction heats.”

~ Walter Russell

I truly believe that everything previously discussed is currently part of universal balance and reflective of the cyclical nature of time – we haven’t been in this part of the galaxy in over 26,000 years. We are also in the Iron Age or Kali Yuga and we have no idea what’s to come – but I have an inkling.  So why write this bitchy blog? Why not.  If I find something to be offensive I call it out and I currently find the big three chemical companies taking over our food sources to be VIOLENTLY OFFENSIVE. As well the current quick fix pathos the majority of America seems clouded under while they can’t explain all the auto immune issues that most middle-aged women have or the multiple lower gastrointestinal issues millions have or why cancer deaths have been rising since it started.  But blindly they will gladly and willfully take whatever their Doctor prescribes them because he/she couldn’t be complicit (conscious or not) in that laundry list of manufactured ills.  After all he went to four more years of school and can maybe predict death down to a couple of month and also gets paid hundreds of thousands of worthless dollar which, remember, equals success.  Sadly most Doctors think and believe they are actually helping and curing. Maybe in denial but then of course there others are fully aware of the end-game. My issue is that I am not sure which is worse: being aware or not being aware.