Global debt

by nicjondon

Some perspective

You couldn't make it up

Have you EVER seen anything more stupifyingly shocking?

Since the US, in particular, came off the Gold Standard (thanks Trickie Dickie Nixon) the amount of debt, globally, has exploded.  You wonder why

a)    House prices are so high

b)    As are the costs of living

c)    Why oil costs so much

d)    Why food costs so much

e)    Why a car costs so much

f)    Why transportation costs so much (… Have you ever bought a commuter ticket into London and said to the ticket seller “How Much?!!! I’ll bet a lot of that goes on your pension?”  No, I haven’t either.  Yet!)

g)    Why governments, households and businesses have soooo much debt?

Now you know.  Because the whole planet is in an ocean of debt.  Of course, the ultra rich are not, as are the ultra prudent.  Who do you think will win in the end?

Those in…

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