Visible Origami | Showcasing the Skells and Starving the Vampires.

by nicjondon

Indeed ~

“This is a time of darkness. It doesn’t get any darker than Kali Yuga, except in certain parts of Kali Yuga. This means the part of the population in serious torpor is very large and those free of the denser forms are few. This is mirrored in the temporal zone by the relationship between the population and the 1%. Changing what’s happening in the temporal zone is reliant on a change in the percentages consciousness wise. Given what’s been said here, for the minds capable of the analysis and computation, these are all positive things. Awakening continues and it gains a steeper incline with every new stage. Those left behind by inclination, indifference, or a comatose mindset, will be passed on to the specific spectrum that handles these states. It’s all very precisely arranged. Where it is not precisely arranged is in the immediate present because the option for change is resident throughout the moment, which is always the moment because it is always, ‘now’. This is one of the basic tenets of enlightenment, being able to live in the eternal now and it points out at the same time that time is your enemy in a certain regard because it is an ‘artificial construct’. It is, in true fact, a prison, which is one of the reasons that you most notice it in prison.”

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