Roundup Ready Profits

by nicjondon

To be fair this is written under the assumption one knows the dangers of glyphosate aka Roundup.

It doesn’t take too much of a stretch of ones dim mind to see an overarching theme in regard to Monsanto and pharmaceuticals role with the current toxicity of America’s health. In case you were unawares eugenics was commonplace the world over well into the 70’s. So to even consider that this isn’t what’s at play is sadly naive – I hope for your sake it’s blissful and not painful. Consider that Monsanto, at its start, was nothing more than an industrial chemical company and then, ever so quietly, in the 90’s it starts buying up the world’s seed companies which allowed them to become the agricultural concern of today. Coinciding with this are two seed vaults one in Colorado and the other in Norway – neither of which hold GMOs.
But I digress as my primary concern is not GMOs so much as the Roundup and its resilient products i.e. corn & soybeans. In the early 90’s I lived on a seed farm and knew about these crops as they were just breaking into the market. Through the decades Monsanto ruined many a small farm to ensure its Roundup Ready seeds would dominate corn and soybean harvest. This is a capitalist system and Monsanto was acting in true capitalist form and so I wager they dominate the market by about 85-90%.  Now as someone who lives in a distinctly poor neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles I can attest that my access to anything BUT the end products of these seeds is near impossible. The closest organic non-gmo food is a worthwhile trip, however… I feel that more than half the people in poor neighborhoods have no clue as to what’s being sold to them ergo – successful poisoning of a distinct class of people whose sole purpose in life, unbeknownst to them, is making others rich.
Now circle back to Monsanto’s past as the chemical engineering company who, undoubtedly, worked ever so closely with pharmaceutical firms. Pharmaceuticals, by the way, are in no way concerned with cures or healing as their primary function as a corporation is to create customers. This is Corporate America where it is any public corporations sole and entire responsibility to ensure profits for its stockholders. Voila – a slow, but extremely profitable, death.