by nicjondon

Our economic future seems cloudy and mired by an exponential increase of unmanageable debt – this despite the semantic distortions pontified by the Fed (Centralized Banks) and their Keynesian ilk about current economic complexities. These distortions, i.e. QE, continue unabated as if the resulting wherewithal promises something positive, something other than a collapse.  Distortions are just as transparent as the monetized debt schemes blindly/erroneously believed as valid and lucrative business practices playing out inside all major casinos of Wall Street – particularly within those casinos who relish masquerading under the guise of ethical institutions.  Debt-monetization as a practice provides opportunity to hedge bets for and against risk laden debt before it’s past-due and is repackaged under a delusion of, maybe, infinite growth and, definitely, willful ignorance of past and future crises. Speculative debt profiteering, despite its conflagration to sound business logic, is tragically lucrative, strictly because all risk outweighs inherent value. Insight of this popular practice forces one to consider that our economic kernel is a fiat currency based on debt which is  hopefully optimized and compounded with the perplexing and unfounded notion of infinite growth (read $$$$$!).

This kernel uttered in a world constituted of finite resources offers an uncharacteristic glimpse into the desperate madness of economic hearsay. Hearsay because velocity is derived from conflicting forces: infinite vs. finite one of which is not even feasible on the plane – let alone conducive to the environment. Because this was/is still believed as a possibility of economic growth – it provides a false security – complacency since 2000; truthfully complacent since inception of Centralized Banking. Though this broken promise of infinitely stable prosperity is dashed by our rocky home – but those market gurus imagined a buoyancy reminiscent of conflicting forces – the US Dollar in prospecting debt for profits. A super bouncy currency contrasted with static debt as the constricting force does allude to a promise of untapped profits.

Deceit of limitless economic growth derived from a world of finite resources leaves those deceived no other options but debt usury. Compounded and fractionalized risk:  valueless paper + exceptionally worthless debt gussied up only to entice the sharpest skeptics. Because of this volatile nature – ROI it is a great reward but only when one is proactive in the short-term. But for how long can the short-term span lucrative as the debt is overarchingly palpable and the slightest whisper could become the catalyst to trigger the great unwind – nothing will remain as we know it.  Since true nature always comes full circle: truth of fiat currency which is collateralized & compounded x amount of times into a fiat debt – this is  inherently valueless and under quadruple assumptions and monies ensuring profitable risk with a volatility that will bear only the fruition of  intrinsic value. We all know about double negatives – but what about double negatives under an overtly implied desire for warrantless  gain releasing decades of tightly wound compounded debt. The terrible logic of double negatives. The terrible logic of ill-gotten gains.

Money Above All