One Innocuous Substance – Many Enemies (51 Billion in Fact)

This illegality isn’t simply about saving people from drug addiction or ensuring mental clarity – if this were the case the US would not be inundated with pharmaceuticals.

The amount of money spent by the interests displayed below to keep weed out of the market is quite possibly the largest lobbying expenditure in DC (educated guess) –  how does one little itty bitty plant sway such power – over the cry babies of industryThis little weed can be planted repeatedly, year after year, in the same plot of land and an acre will produce an abundance of products most of which lack THC and all of which rattle a myriad of belief systems embedded in current power structures. So much so that  eradicating this perfectly, robust, renewable, innocuous resource, as well as prohibiting its entrance and participation in the economy, that of which is based and reliant on non-renewables,  is  hyper-critical to keeping our current system in stasis.

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Each year in the US $51 billion is wasted on this “war” (which is an oxy-moron once one realizes that we are discussing merry mary) having a general understanding of paranoia it’s safe to assume that half of those billions are used fighting an itty bitty weed.  In the US from 1996-2011 there were over 12 million cannabis arrests recorded or made by the FBI in another statement that is 46% of ALL DRUG RELATED ARRESTS.  Of those 12 million 10 of that million were for possession alone. Meaning there was no intention of the arrestees to part with their substance – it was theirs.

Weed, Pink, Green, Good

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3 Responses to One Innocuous Substance – Many Enemies (51 Billion in Fact)

  1. I am always thought about this, appreciate it for putting up.

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  3. Proponents of pot shouldn’t have to justify themselves. I’m sick to death of the repetition and one-sidedness… :/


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