Jane vs. Bill

Bill Nye, the engineer guy, paid a visit to Monsantan’s home base and in an interview shortly thereafter he said this… “I went to Monsanto and I spent a lot of time with the scientists there and I have revised my outlook and I’m very excited about telling the world. When you’re in love you want to tell the world,” um… so, yeah, not even Monsatan shills say the L word about that  death plant. Methinks he was replaced they probably had a replacement already manufactured. naturally, means that Bill has been replaced or paid off handsomely seeing that he doesn’t actually have to eat the shit. Just has to promote it.

Coincidentally, prior to finding out about the above,  I discovered that Jane Goodall, an actual scientist, has written the the forward for a book which calls out the death dealing firms on their fraudulent antics and then some. Of course Goodall being a straight shooter doesn’t mince words and labels gmo supporters as delusional and anti-science (today’s modern “skeptics” = pseudoscience adherents).


i can’t believe this is from 1999…

this is what’s important

Censored Marriage

The fact that same-sex marriage occurred millennia ago won’t ever be broached by any talking heads; ever. Simply because it nullifies any debate. Period. The evolution of marriage is interesting in that it’s always been something sanctioned via the State as a business contract which includes familial alliances and other power brokering nonsense. Those who proudly label themselves under the Christian Right – a misnomer to begin with – are those who voluntary cease thinking simply because they have all the answers. All of which were cherry picked from a most precious resource: a book of fantasy and allegory drenched in fallacies written, exclusively, by pedo rabbis and popes millennia ago called The Bible.  So a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon some pro-life site which invariably lead me to an article on the site about how gay marriage will destroy an already crumbling US of A and I commented and it was promptly censored. But for the life of me I can’t fathom why.  Original comment is below.


Which reminded me of this great question posed directly to them – them being those who mistakenly believe they are right about everything because G minus d wrote a book telling them were. To date not one of them has answered the question posed in the below image. I guess that means no. It’s not like they actually value life outside the womb you see. It’s only value is while it’s unborn.


It’s a simple enough question. But it must illicit all sorts of new things called thought into those who aren’t used to it.

Perversed Inverses

Hats & Pesticides

Apparently, as I was recently told, I am officially a tin foil hat wearing conspiracist – whoopeety – do; nothing like 80’s cliches to validate an already obvious statement. Alas, at least I am not one of them – the (new) “skeptics”, believers, mindless, etc. So, I know it’s been a year since the Nobel Peace Prize lost all of it’s already scant value by awarding Monsanto gene splicers with a prize for reducing global hunger (um, lol?)... lying fucking cunts.  This article about pesticide myths is spot on and needs a share ~

To tantalize the rational here’s a brilliant quote: “If we were serious about feeding people we wouldn’t grow enough extra grains to feed 1/3 of the world’s hungry and then pour them into gas tanks.

MrSanto                                                             PS. truthertoys.com is no more, frowny face.

Me & …


Anarchy is not synonymous nor even ideologically compatible with capitalism simply because capitalism will always produce monopolies no matter the shit being shilled. Where will the money for Anarcho-Capitalism come from? Which monopolizer of profitable resources will co-opt that? Capitalism is very much a centralized power play lover. Just as much as Communism is. While Anarchism is not. Albeit Anarchy would likely evolve into a statist like system and then into the full on State. Being social animals with about 40% finding a preponderance for theft and/or violence there eventually will be the need for a militia. And shortly after will come the town halls and committees because living socially requires things like communication or even cooperation. To be successful: Anarchy would need to be practiced individually or in small communities because it would never work for large populations simply because there are way too many assholes and/or Capitalists.


Money is simply any commonly accepted medium of exchange, so the answer to your question “Where would money come from but for government” is easy: it would come from whatever commodity emerged as the predominant method of calculating transactions and storing value. Even money today only has value insofar as we expect other people will readily accept it as payment. If we didn’t trust that it would hold it’s value long enough for us to spend it, we would insist on some other type of payment for our goods or services. One could imagine many rival currencies, much as we have today, minted not by nation’s but by independent institutions that are trusted at least as well as we trust our central banks not to devalue our currency to the point where it’s only utility is wallpaper.
As for your remarks on capitalism leading to monopoly, I don’t know where you draw evidence to support that. The government is the sole monopolist in the land, they claim a monopoly on the legitimate use of force (law enforcement), on the printing of money (central banking), and in many countries the provision of essential goods and services such as healthcare, education and utilities. I ask you, when and where has it ever been a good idea to have one seller, one sole provider be responsible for meeting the incalculable needs of a society? You think it’s tough being a minority and getting a job in today’s economy, wait til the government is the sole employer. Then you’re really boned for speaking out, acting or looking different.


Government removed would create a vacuum that would be filled via capitalists by their the various services – no longer monopolized by the State but by a corporation (same FUCKING difference). Voila. Monopolies. Whatever lil pipe dream you Molyneuxs have it’s evidently free of base human failings i.e. greed, megalomania, etc. Examples of monopolies: AT&T, Standard oil, Microsoft (only OS option for PC’s at time of purchase), and cable companies within municipalities sequester neighborhoods so one only has one choice for a cable service. These were just from the top of me lil head so no doubt some digging would provide a much more extensive list of the elusive monopoly.
What the fuck is it with you “anarcho” capitalists and your obsession of force/security/privatization… oh wait. LOL, it’s inherent to capitalism that the hoarded booty be protected from others. Such as a NAP participant who doesn’t feel theft is an aggressive act.
I said, “Where will the money for Anarcho-Capitalism come from? Which monopolizer of profitable resources will co-opt that?” Not whatever you think I said (read much?). So, again, which one of you losers will be the Fed, which isn’t part of the State, a corporation in of itself, but a private conglomeration of bankers. If you prefer this could be something which provides an acceptable medium of exchange. Although, it wouldn’t be the Fed to start. Eventually it would become a carbon copy of the Fed being run by capitalist and all.

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