Unanswered or Unanswerable

Unanswered or Unanswerable

Primordial plasma is VERY complex…

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De Divisione Naturae

I stumbled upon this summation  of the magnum opus, Periphyseon, from the 9th century Irish theologian Johannes Scotus Eriugena. It came in the form of five books and 400 years after publication it was added to the Index of Forbidden Books. Haven’t decided if I will add it to my “to read” list as that is several years worth as is.

  • that which creates and is not created;
  • that which is created and creates;
  • that which is created and does not create;
  • that which neither is created nor creates.


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The Majestic

The song is by a band named Wax Fang and the video is American Dad – You don’t really need to know what’s going on in the show as the lyrics express the point quite well.

It’s such a catchy pop song and such a blunt end:

If you’re searching the lines for a point
well, you’ve probably missed it
there was never anything there
in the first place

It’s very sad that many convince themselves they are in love with another when in fact they are just too scared to be alone. Sad because the concept of solitude really don’t exist, at all,  particularly when one understands that existence itself is nothing but thought.

It’s very much an insane act to fear something which does not exist only to turn around and seek salvation from that very same non-existence cloaked only by a top hat and cane.  When the only change which occurred  was desired by a perceived want.  So maybe it’s the perception which is broken or maybe the belief…  Fuck it – it’s all broke.

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no death = no life

these two are so interseptal that neither world exists without the other – think about what you eat to live. all that we eat is or was alive for it to have been worthy of consumption and transubstantiation into our flesh and bone. it may not of danced or spoke or created MAD but that apple was very much alive and it’s fall into our abyss allowed us to fall into it’s abyss.

anything alive is more often than not, eventually, pulled from a mothers grasp only to be thrown into the furrows of life because of this our consumption should be held in higher reverence then mcdonald’s (i love big-macs – frowny face).

there is no great secret to this and it is not complicated: for you and i to exist an other must die. there is a limit to this acceptable death and humanity passed that limit several thousand years ago  -  we barely respect one another’s lives and so no one should be surprised or shocked at what unfolds before us.   


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I don’t remember where I came across this but it’s too true not to share:

Student: What prevents me from experiencing my innermost self?

Teacher: Nothing.

Student: Then why don’t I experience it?

Teacher: Fear.

Student: So, then fear prevents me?

Teacher: Nothing prevents you.

Student: But didn’t you just say that fear is the reason I can’t experience this state of consciousness?

Teacher: Yes, but it does not prevent you.

Student: Then what does?

Teacher: Nothing.

Student: Then what role does fear play?


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Numb Communication

Letters and numbers formed by the vibrational intonements of thought or vocalization produce the same frequency which only varies by  amplification – this alone is trance inducing.  So when they are graphically displayed from outside the head we create a silent mirror to the intonements – how silent the reflection varies only with intentions. All communication arises from them and so they permeate all environs which results in a hypnosis.This sort of state is what many call life but we often have to lie to ourselves being that much of this so called life is based on lies which are merely various forms of these items used in communication for sway or control or comfort. Finally after so many millenia filled with lies stemming from systemic elite control it’s no wonder  we are in the current situation. It was all these compounded lies filling the void as layer upon layer try to hide the nature and abundance of fractalized sigils. And all this is to benefit you and I in life.
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someone believes in magic – even if you don’t

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Resonance – Beings of Frequency

This documentary, directed by James Russell, offers an eye-opening look into how wireless frequencies adversely affect us.

“When I exist you don’t, and when you exist I don’t.”

~ Kabir

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Stumbled upon this article from some random domain hosting site – it’s from the July 2003 issue of Idaho Observer by Hari Heath.

Rustic Fence

Do you ever feel as if you are one of the few people who can actually see what’s going on? Have you ever carried on a conversation with an American who thinks they’re in a democracy, the government deserves their taxes, they live in a free country, and policemen are their friend? Have you attempted to live your life as a responsible, sovereign individual, only to be ridiculed by a high school graduate who can’t spell sovereign and doesn’t know what it means? Have you at least had a taste of freedom or an insatiable inner knowing of what it should be? Do you feel alone, surrounded by a herd that is contentedly grazing right up to the gates of slaughter? Who are these huddling, witless masses of humanity and why won’t they look around themselves and see the obvious? The easy answer is: the fence. Many of us who see what’s going on around us have learned how to live outside the fence, at least part of the time. Some have become rather adept at living on both sides of the fence. And a few sovereign souls have chosen the path of living completely free of any enclosure. But the present-day “fence” is all-encompassing, from horizon to horizon, with cross-fences at every juncture, and corrals, round pens and loading chutes for complete herd management. And the herd of humanity is well-managed. So well-managed, that they either look dumb-founded whenever you mention what it’s like on the other side of the fence, or they get angry. “How dare you tell us we don’t need all those taxes, laws, or the government to protect us! What do you mean there are all kinds of wild herbs growing free outside the fence that heal and nourish; that they taste better than hay and grain and make veterinarians obsolete? You must be crazy to think you can live free and be responsible for yourself,” say the angry ones in the herd. Understanding the fence can help freedom-lovers live amongst the clueless without succumbing to their fate. Perhaps, on a good day, we might even inspire one of the herd to look up and begin the process of putting the clues together. And that might eventually lead to another individual who can both understand and spell sovereign.The Fence

Where does the fence begin?

Born unable to walk, control our bowels, or utter much more than a cry, we begin the adventure of life very moldable. You might think of it as being in a marsupial condition without the benefit of a pouch. A parent or parents must dedicate considerable effort or the newly formed member of humanity won’t survive. The considerable effort required to raise up a young human has a trade benefit: The parent has the opportunity to mould the future of humanity. And that’s no small responsibility. After the first few years of parenting, comes the transitional phase. Except for young humans with parents who choose home-schooling or private education, the public side of the fence begins with the government indoctrination day-camps we call public school. The opportunity and responsibility for molding the future of humanity, begun by the parents, is gradually taken over by government and it’s commercial cousins. In Latin, it’s called In Loco Parentis: In the place of the parent. Parents who do not find alternatives to the status quo become replaced by public educators, TV, video games, commercials, music producers, legislators and policemen. It begins and ends in the mind. Horses are a good example. Countless times, I have stretched electric fence ribbon around new pasture. A horse who has experienced the momentary zap of 10,000 volts a few times, learns to stay away from the fence. Eventually you can turn off the fence and they will stay within its boundaries. The memory of the shock, and the sight of the fence are enough to keep most horses in. Some become so docile that just tying a single rope chest high will keep them in. They like the fence. The fence was built-in the horse’s minds. If we want to be free, we first need to remove the fence from our minds, like those errant*, free-thinking horses who touch a whisker to the electric fence to see if it’s on, and then walk on through whenever they don’t feel a little zap.

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Transnational Corporate Class Rules

The billionaires inside the TCC are similar to colonial plantation owners. They know they are a small minority with vast resources and power, yet they must continually worry about the unruly exploited masses rising in rebellion. As a result of these class insecurities, the TCC works to protect its structure of concentrated wealth. Protection of capital is the prime reason that NATO countries now account for 85 percent of the world’s defense spending, with the US spending more on military than the rest of the world combined.14 Fears of rebellions motivated by inequality and other forms of unrest motivate NATO’s global agenda in the war on terror.

Read the rest at Project Censored.


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